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  • My order contains back-ordered products. What are my options?

    If you want to renew your back-ordered product order, you must confirm your order at shopping@magiclight.net. The products will then be ordered immediately from our suppliers and shipped to your address upon receipt of your order. The payment will then be automatically charged to your credit card before the products are shipped. If for any reason you wish to cancel your back-ordered product order , you must do so by sending an email to shopping@magiclight.net.

  • I changed my home and /or email address. Should I inform the Order Department?

    If you have a product on order with a supplier, it is important to notify us about any address changes, so we can contact you when your ordered items have been received and we can deliver them to the correct address

  • I placed my order several days ago and I still haven’t received anything.

    Please check your email to see if you received an “out of stock” notice. Also check to see whether the shipping and e-mail addresses you specified are correct. If there is an error, please contact customer service at shopping@magiclight.net. If your customer account shows that your order has shipped, contact the order department, which will then contact the transportation company to initiate an inquiry into your order.

  • May I use a P.O. Box as a delivery address?

    For security reasons, Magic Light inc. does not deliver to post office boxes.

  • What are your available delivery options and how long do they take?

    Please note that in the event that we have to wait for one or more out of stock items to become available, your order may be held for a few days before being shipped. If you are in a hurry to receive one or more items in your order, we recommend that you place a separate order for that item.

  • What taxes are applicable on merchandise?

    Magic Light inc. applies provincial taxes to the order, depending on where it is shipped.

  • How may I contact you?

    For any questions regarding your order, as well as for comments and suggestions, please email us at: shopping@magiclight.net. You may also reach us by phone at one of the following numbers: 1 800-465-4569 and 450-433-5955.

  • Is purchasing on the Internet a little risky?

    Not at all! Magic Light inc.’s security measures offer the cutting edge of technology to protect you against the loss or unauthorized use of confidential information. Our servers use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) information technology and high security encryption methods. Encryption is a technique that makes transactions secure on a public payment system. By locking access to the information, encryption guarantees that the message is only viewed by the message recipient. Thus, all information submitted and encrypted cannot be read during transfer to the financial institution.

  • Is it possible to place an order if I live on the other side of the world?

    Yes, but for all orders from outside of Canada, the amount of shipping costs will be manually calculated according to the country and added to your invoice. A representative will contact you by email to give you the total amount of your order as well as the additional shipping costs which must be paid by credit card. The customer must also assume customs fees for all orders outside Canada.For any additional information, please contact the customs service of your country. No tax is applied to orders destined outside of Canada.

  • What are the forms of payment accepted?

    We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards and Paypal.

  • Are all products on your website in stock?

    The Magic Light inc. website posts all products that can be ordered from our suppliers. As a result, they are not necessarily part of the website’s inventory.

  • Can I see the availability of products on the site?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to have this information on the site. However, when placing an order, you will receive an email confirmation informing you of the availability of the products ordered.

  • What are your return policies?

    R1. You can return defective products to Magic Light inc. at any time up to 15 days after receiving them, to the following address: Returns, Magic Light inc., 14163 Curé-Labelle Boulevard, Suite 30, Mirabel, Québec, J7J 1M3. Products must be accompanied by the inoice and order number.R2. You must assume the delivery charges and the legal risks for returned products (except in the case where Magic Light inc. has not delivered the products you ordered or has delivered damaged or defective products, in which case Magic Light inc. will assume the delivery charges and the risks, as long as you return the products through a delivery company that offers a guarantee against loss and damage) and that the products returned are in good condition.R3. For the porposes of articles R1 and R2, you may not return products if they have been removed from their original packaging or if they are damaged, except for defective products. If an item is defective, it will be exchanged for the same new product.R4. Once products have been returned, any amount charged to your credit card by Magic Light inc. will be credited as soon as possible, except for delivery charges, on the condition that the products are returned by you and received by Magic Light inc. in the same condition there were in when they were delivered to you.R5. It is also possible to return products ordered on the website to Magic Light inc., subject to the conditions specified above, which will apply with necessary modifications. You can find the address for Magic Light inc. in the Contact Us section of the website. Under no circumstances will Magic Lite inc. reimburse delivery costs.

  • Why do I have to open an account?

    If this is your first visit and you want to place an order, you must open an account and provide your contact information and email address so we can send your order and invoice. It takes just a few seconds to register your account, which isn’t long when you consider the time you will save during subsequent orders.