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SKU: #1-14046

Categories: Sunglasses, Cruise

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Have a cool look, trendy look or a flower power look with these assorted plastic neon sunglasses. Great for sporting events, your beach parties or for your upcoming vacation. This colorful accessory is a must for your sunshine themed events . This is a great product for sunny beach themes. We sell these glasses in a package of 12. In each package you have 3 pairs with colored branches. The branches are pink, yellow, orange and green. They are made of plastic and the frame of the glasses are 6 inches wide X 2 inches in height. The sunglasses are not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old. - Good value for your money - Assorted plastic neon sunglasses are sold in package 12 - Made of plastic and have assorted colored arms - Ideal for sporting events, the beach or your holiday vacation - The frame measures 6 inches wide X 2 inches in height