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At wedding receptions, Christmas party, festivities in a big hall celebrations for special occasions, the 6 inches white glowsticks on your neck will make it easier for you not to drop it on the dance floor and to concentrate on your dance foot steps.

In addition, the glowsticks can make a beautiful decorative accessory for your rooms. You can even combine several in the endearing and place them in a vase or directly on the table to the original table centrepieces. Why not add red, blue, green and other colors according to your taste and your themes.

To activate the 6 inches white glowstick , simply bend the stick until it cracks. This will release the chemical inside the glowstick and it will immediately start its light show lasting more than 6 hours. Sold in bulk of 25 units including nylon cords, this festive and economical accessory is not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old.

– Good value for your money
– The 6 inches white glowstick is sold in bulk of 25 units
– Nylon cords included
– Ideal for weddings, Christmas parties, festivities in a large room, on the dance floor
– Made of plastic
– Single use only