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The 6 blue glow sticks are perfect for so many events and parties, such as weddings, promotional gifts, dances and festivals, and let’s not forget Saint- Jean Baptiste celebrations. You can wear it on your neck or hang it as a source of bright décor. Blue is a relaxing color, so you can create a spa atmosphere at home or party. Sold in bulk of 25 units, nylon cords included the glowstick is easy to activate by simply cracking it, then shake it . Its disposable brightness lasts over 8 hours and decreases thereafter. The blue 6 glowstick is not recommended for children under the age of 5 years old.

Good value for your money
The 6 blue glowstick is sold in bulk of 25 units with
nylon cords included
Ideal for weddings, promotional gifts, dances and festivals, also ideal for Saint Jean Baptist
Made of plastic
Single use only