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2.5” MAGNETIC COB CARABINER LED FLASHLIGHT – ASSORTED COLORS – 2 CR2032 BATTERIES INCLUDED & REPLACEABLE – PACK OF 12 (COB stands for Chips On Board, a new lighting technology involving multiple LED lights)


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The 2,5 inches magnetic cob carabiner LED flashlight is a luminous product with several utilities. You can hang it on a purse, magnetize it on a wall with metal like a fridge. Serve at once flashlight, keychain and mood light.

By pressing a first time on the small switch, you get a strong light. A second time, a light a little more subdued. A third time to have a flashing light. Ideal for home, camping, travelling and when night hiking or any other activity of your choice.

Sold in packages, of 12, assorted colors, you will receive 3 red and black, 3 green and black, 3 yellow and black and 3 blue and black. 2 CR3032 batteries are included and replaceable. This luminous product is not recommended for children under 5 years old.

– Good value for your money
– 2,5 inches magnetic cob carabiner LED flashlight is sold in pack of 12 in assorted colors
– Ideal for the home, camping while travelling during the night and activities of your choice